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Pick your path at FDR!

This year, we are eliminating 18 hole fees from FDR. This doesn’t mean you can’t play 18 holes, it opens your options as to how you’d like to play them. You can book your tee time to start on #1 or #10. Once you complete the first 9, you can check back in to the shop for a replay rate to start your second 9. This gives you the option of playing the back or front side for your second 9. Essentially, we are turning a traditional 18-hole course into two 9-hole courses and four 18-hole courses without making any changes to the course itself. You now have the option of playing 18-holes as front-front, back-back, front-back, and back-front. With the option of starting on #1 or #10 and off-set tee times, it will help us eliminate any log-jams at the tee box. Too often have we run into the problem of having a back-up on the #1 tee box and having people wait to tee off, or in some cases, having someone start on #10 due to a back-up and creating conflict on the course between players that are halfway into their round and on a steady pace to now stuck behind players beginning their round and slowing the pace down. This new system will cut/decrease any wait time to get started and eliminate the “cutting in” that slows down play. We actually tried this model out last year on days after rain, where one side would be open for carts, while the other side was walking only. We’d love to hear your feedback on this. Email me at bclemons@golfphilly.org and tell us what you think!